Basics of Edit Images Using Pixlr Editor

Edit photos online quickly and easily by using the application of online photo editor by Pixlr. The followings are the easy steps to use an Online Pixlr Editor.

1. Open a page in Pixlr Editor
2. Choose the photo that will be edited (the photo can be taken directly, through a personal computer, URL photos from other media such as Facebook, Twitter and others).

A Guide to Basic Photo Editing with Pixlr Editor

3. After a photo is chosen, enter the page of the photo editing panel.

Guide Photo Editing with Pixlr Editor

The upper side and left side panels is the menu to edit pictures. On the right side panel can be found the miniature photo navigation, Layers and History. (For an easier photo editing process, change the language in your language by clicking the language option button at the upper side.)
  1. Use the navigation button to zoom in and zoom out the photo.
  2. Use Layers to make, choose, edit and reorganized the background ofthe photo. Changes made in the photo (adding text, applying filters or adding another picture) will automatically appear on the background layer of the original photo in order to make editing control easier.
  3. The History panel is working to keep everything applied in the photo. Just click on that particular part if undo or redo necessary to be done.
4. Using the Chosen Button to cut a picture.
 Crop  to cut a picture
 Marquee  to measure the piece of picture in square or rectangular
 Move  to move pieces or chosen photo and others
 Lasso  to choose a freehand option on the piece of the picture.
 Wand  to choose or select the picture automatically
5. Using the Editing Button
 Pencil  to freely draw a picture
 Erase  to erase particular part of a photo
 Brush  used to add a touch to the photo
 Bucket  to apply solid color to the picture
 Clone   to duplicate pictures (push ‘Ctrl’ and direct it to the picture that will be cloned)
 Gradient  to apply color gradient compatible with the picture
 Replace  to change or add color
 Drawing   to choose a part of the picture or adding text, color, photo and others
6. Using Mixed Tools for Photo Effects
 Blur  for blurring the picture
 Smudge  for softening wrinkles on the picture
 Dodge  to make the visual of the picture softer
 Red Eye  to fix the sensitive part of a picture, especially on the eyes
 Bloat  for adding the thickness or size of the picture
 Color Picker  to adjust the chosen color to suit the picture more
 Hand   for moving new cuts or layers on the picture
 Sharpen  to sharpen the visual of the picture
 Sponge  to reduce the sharpness of visual in a picture
 Burn  to make a chosen part of the picture darker
 Spot Heal   for dispersing the view of the picture
 Pinch   for shrinking or making the focus of the picture smaller
 Text  to write or add text
 Magnifying  to enlarge the view of a picture
7. Using the Keyboard Functions
SHIFT  to add options on the picture
ALT  to reduce option on the picture
ESC  to cancel the option of cropping or cutting
CTRL+D  for canceling or dispelling
CTRL+Z  for returning or undo
CTRL+Y  for continuing or redo
CTRL+S  for keeping the edited picture
So, good luck with trying to edit photo online by using an application called Pixlr Editor! Try to also read several easy and fast tutorials by using a Pixlr photo editor HERE