Best of Free Photo Editing Software

Besides Photoshop software or applications that are most widely used for photo editing, there is a lot of software or photo editing software that can be used for those who want to make a photo look more attractive. Of course, some of this software can be downloaded and some that can give full version or free and there are also some downloadable in trial version.

If you want to directly edit photos online, here can be found some online photo editing sites are also free. And here are some of the software for photo editing that can be downloaded and utilized to assist the work of editing photos / images.

Photoscape. Photoscape is a photo editing software which is the most downloaded today. The free full version software is provided free of charge. The latest version is now 3.6.3 Photoscape is a full-featured photo editor that supports RAW, and almost all image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Photoscape Free Photo Editing Software

GIMP. This software is a bit more complete for professional photo editing programs. It comes with all the advanced editing tools that could be required for any graphic designer, web master, or a photographer. Channels, layers, masks, filters, tabbed palettes, editable text tools, clone perspective and color tools are already provided completely.

GIMP Photo Editing Software This is a nice photo editing software which is also available free of charge for the full version. comes in collaboration with Microsoft, suitable for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server 2003. Users can retouch images quickly and easily with a few advanced tools for layers, painting / drawing, effects, unlimited undo history, and levels adjustments.

Paint Net Free Photo Editing Software

Photo Pos Pro. It is one of the photo editing software which is quite good because it is easy, however, it still has such advanced editing tools for Computer Graphics Design, Rich Text, Effects, Selection Tools, Layers & Masks, Gradients, Patterns and many other new features.

Free Photo Editing Software

Picasa. This Google's free software makes it easy to edit photos, especially for the Windows operating system. In addition, to provide an online version that PWA (Picasa Web Albums), Google also released a version of Windows and Mac. The current latest version of Picasa 3.9 has an interface that is easy to use.

Free Photo Editing Software Picasa

Pixia. This is a free photo editing software from the Japanese painting company. It has quite simple features equipped with a drawing tool that interesting. Pixie is very suitable for the likes drawing (drawing) with a layer of 10240 by 10240 pixels and supports the operating systems Windows 98/2000, XP, Vista and NT.

Pixia Free Photo Editing Software

IrfanView. This software comes with plug-in support (for image files, video and music), it has very simple features, different from the ones on the usual photo editing software but supports all types of image formats. It is the most widely use that software by the graphic designers, blog template makers and ordinary users.

Irfan View Free Photo Editing Software

Photobie. Photobie is free software which combines the features of an amateur, but can be used by professionals in the presence of features, tools, animation options for image editing in depth and supported by thousands of Photoshop filter plugin. It allows to edit GIF format, pretty good, the ideal screen capture and more.

Photobie Free Photo Editing Software

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