Free Online Image Compression Tools

The size of the photos / images to be uploaded or used for online purposes, such as, for example, uploaded to Facebook, twitter, blogs, email and so on should be minimized to speed up the loading process for uploading, because the larger the image size the longer the process of loading the image.

If we want to quickly reduce the size of images / pictures without Photoshop or other software in a computer, we can use the services of online image resizing easily, practically and quickly. And here are some sites that provide such services to be used.


Free Online Image Compression Tools


compress images online free

Resize It

Compress and resize photos
Web Resizer

compress picture online

Those sites are above the average, already support the types of photo or image format commonly / ordinarily used such as.JPG, .GIF, .Ping, .tiff, and others. It is quite easy, just upload photos from the computer and press resize button to change the image size.

Other Online Image Compression:

* Tip: For those who want to reduce the photos / images through offline computer, you can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Photoshop

Microsoft Office Picture Manager: 

compress image with Microsoft Office

Open Image - Edit Pictures - Change the Picture Size (select Resize section) - and adjust the image size you want to change. It is already provided the type size of Document, Document, Web and Email or you can determine its own size in the column Custom Width x Height.


compress image with photoshop

Open Image - Click the File menu - Save For Web & Devices, and adjust the image size to be changed, images can also be converted into a GIF, JPEG, PNG 8, PNG 24 or WBMP with automatic size change in the size of each format image. (The smaller the image quality, the smaller the pixel size)