Easy Ways to Add Watermark Photo Online

how to add watermark image

Creating watermarks for photos or adding particular data or information into a photo is an important thing. It is especially important if the photos will be used online for the personal blog, social media albums or being used for the professional usages.

The watermark itself is used in almost every source of paper, paper money, passport and the other things for the purpose of Tamper-proofing, feature location, annotation or caption as well as the copyright or labeling. This includes on photos for labeling or copyrights as the authentic proof of ownership of the photos.

Creating watermarks for photos is something very easy by using online watermarks tool from PicMarkr. It is a website specialized in making watermark online for free that will allow the creation of labels of photo copyrights in the quick and easy way.

1. Go to the page on PicMarkr.com.
2. Prepare the photo (it can be taken directly from the Flickr, Facebook or Picasa album)
3. Upload the photo (maximum 5 photos can be uploaded)

make create add online watermaking

4. Choose the size of photos that will be uploaded and click on button of Step 2

watermark online

5.  Next, decide the type of watermark that will be made. There are 3 options provided; the one with text, image or title. Change the word that needs to be changed, choose the font color and the transparency as well as the watermark location angle depending on every individual wish. Click and check the result when it is done.

The look of the watermark in the photo can be saved immediately or shared to the image hosting services. Don't worry about the photo to be spread because every uploaded photo will be deleted from the database of PicMarkr in every 4 hours.

Aside from providing the online watermark, PicMarkr is also providing the free software that can be downloaded in the download page of PicMarkr Pro that will have more complete features of the watermark online.

Alternative websites for photo watermark online: