Tips For Editing Picture / Photos

Tips For Editing Picture / Photos

Editing photos are very exciting, especially for those who works in this field. Techniques, skills and creativity in making a photo mediocre become more attractive, that is the most fascinating thing about this activity.

For those of us (including the author personally) layman who is not an expert or a professional in this field, certainly also wants a good editing result. Before you start editing the photos, it is better to follow a few quick tips on the following photo editing that might be useful.

Do not edit the original photo
Any photo type that already exists and will be edited / manipulated, should be duplicated or copied first, do not directly edit the original photograph. Photos can be copied via computer or directly through photo editing software like Photoshop. This is useful if we make changes that do not fit or fail, and if it is appropriate, the original photo is still intact, can be reused for other needs.

Do not over-edit

Changing and manipulating images excessively will make it seem unnatural. It also might be able to eliminate the art or appeal that has been produced from the visual image. Edit photos as needed, which if sufficiently produce an interesting photo.

Brighten the photo part that looks dull

During editing photos, see which part of the photo that looks dull or old. Select the color and increase the intensity to make the dull parts of the image look brighter. Adjust the brightness or lighting of the photo, or sharpen parts of the photo that looks blurry.

Discard the less attractive parts of the image

Often a photograph could have a very interesting subject, or even appear to be empty on the other side. Observe and note this section for photo editing, then discard the less interesting parts or if it is not removed, you can add subjects / elements in that section. The balance of your subject will be seen if the changes have been done.

Find the most appropriate size for the image resolution.

If all stages of photo editing are completed, make it a habit to save a photo that has a smaller size in order to have are solution that fits and looks sharp. For photos to be printed or applied in a brochure for example, make sure the resolution is no more than 300 pixels/inch. And if the photos will be used for online purposes, 75 pixels/inches the standard size like that is widely used in photography websites.

Those are some important things before starting to edit a photo. Good luck!