Create Miniature Effect With Tilt-Shift in Pixlr Editor

It is better if you take miniature style for a photo which has far away object or taken from a high distance. In Photography, this kind of model is known as Diorama Effect or a process where the actual size of the object is edited into miniature scale (Tilt-shift photography). The technique used in this editing process is known as Lens Blur filter (creating blur of the top and the bottom object) or post processing digital.

To create a miniature stylized photo is not as difficult as you can imagine. It just needs a little bit editing process or even can be done directly by using online miniature photo editing website. Here's a simple step on how to create tilt-shift miniature fakes with just a few effects in Pixlr editor.

Step 1: Prepare the photo, choose a picture that was taken from a afar or an elevated level like you're on a high floor of a building taking city streets down below. A better perspective is always a key point.

Step 2: Go to Pixlr editor - upload your photo - duplicate the background layer.

How to Achieve Miniature Effect via Online

Step 3: Add the Tilt-Shift Filter. On the Menu Bar along the top of the screen, choose "Filter" - "Tilt Shift".

Tilt-Shift Photography Pixlr Tutorial

Step 4: Next, manage the blur for focusing the size and location, and check the saturate for sharping the color of the photo and click OK.

Step 5: To give a little bit illusion on the photo, manage the sharpness in the middle of the image, or you can boost color by clicking the "adjustment" - choose "color vibrance" 100% and adjust contrast to create brighter images.

And there we have done! That's simple to create a miniature effect with the new Tilt-Shift blur filter in Pixlr editor.

Miniature Effect With Tilt-Shift

If you want to try to use online tool, you can try another Tilt shift maker generator website. You can easily transform your existing photos into tilt-shift style miniatures using You just need to upload the photo and choose a miniature effect which has been prepared for users. Good luck!