Create a simple Banner with Pixlr Editor

A banner with symbol, logo, slogan or others will be very important for a website of a blog. The banner displays the character or contents of a website or blog. There are a lot of websites providing the service to create banners on the internet. However, if one wishes to make a banner himself, an online photo editor can be used easily. And, the followings are a guide to the easy and fast way to create a simple banner with Pixlr editor

1. Go to Pixlr Editor
2. Click on the button "Create New Image"

create banner pixlr

3. There are several sizes of paper available. As an example, choose the size Banner 468 x 60 and then name the banner file that will be made and click "ok".

create a banner using pixlr

4. Choose a background color for the banner by clicking on the "set main color" button on the bottom tabs. There will be a variety of colors. Click on the "WEB" part and then choose the desired color

easy making banner

5. Click the menu of "Paint Bucket Tool" in order to fill the color of the banner. Click and print the image that will be colored.

pixlr editor banner tutorial

6. Click on the menu "Type Tool (A)" to give a name to the banner, adjusting the title, fonts, color as well as the size. (Click font and attach it to the image).

make banner pixlr online

8. At this point, banner can be made if the banner intended to be consisted with text. However, if there is a need to add pictures, it can be added directly though the computer or URL. An example to the URL picture is: go to and then find the suitable picture for the banner.

create banner using google image

9. Click on the File menu and then "Open Image URL" and put in the URL (full image) that has been chosen.

making a banner

10. Wait for a while until the image is fully loaded and then move the image and click on "Marquee tool" to cut and adjust the image.

11. To move the image, use the "Move Tool" (an icon with an arrow + above the Marquee tool) and then adjust the position of the image by using menu File – "Free Transform".

Creating a Banner with Pixlr Editor

If everything has been set, Save the banner by clicking menu File- Save and choose to save it in the computer and everything is finally done.

how to make a banner in pixlr

That’s the guide to the easy and quick way to create the simple banner by using the application of photo editing from Pixlr Editor. You can try to develop your skill by creating the most unique and interesting banner. Have fun trying!