How to Quickly Fix dull colors in Pixlr Editor

How to Quickly Fix dull colors in Pixlr Editor

There is a case that your photo looks dull in the sense of color (underexposed). Definitely, it needs a little bit editing process so the visual appearance looks bright and stunning images. Several websites which offer you with a photo editing tool gives you specific menu to fix your photo in order to make it looks clearer and sharper. One of them is offered by enhance. pho. to. Just upload your dull photo and then follow the editing steps which explained there.

Here, there is an easy way to edit your dull photo by using Pixlr editor. It just needs a little bit editing process to get better results.

1. Step One: Prepare your photo and go to Pixlr editor - click open image from computer - then upload photo.

How to Fix dull colors in Pixlr Editor

2. Click "layer" menu - choose "Duplicate Layer" - "Adjustment" - "Levels".
In the dialog box, you will see a color graphic of the photo, just let it on RGB mode and manage the color clarity on the "Input Levels", the above graphic and the brightness of the image on the "Output Levels" menu on the bottom. It can be seen in the example below:

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Histogram and image will looks just like the above image, and if it is good enough, you can push "OK"

3. Fix the color image. Back to layer menu - choose Duplicate Layer. On the third layer image just choose "Adjustment" - "Color Vibrance". There will be a dialogue box appears and it uses to add color, just like the following example:

4. Sharpening the entire photo with the Unsharp Mask filter. The Unsharp Mask filter adjusts the contrast of the edge detail and creates the illusion of a more focused image. Choose "Filter" - "Unsharp Mask". Let the size by default value or be set according to photo.

The last step is to fuse the layer of the image. Just click menu "Layer" and choose "Platten Image". To make the editing result maximal especially on the fused layer, we can arrange the brightness and the color contrast on the "adjustment tool".

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*The above steps are the simple way to edit your photo which looks dull. You can try it by using an online photo editor based on the photo/image character which you want to edit.